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Take this waltz: recreating a dress from the victorian era

I’m starting to be able to dig deeper into the toolbox in Marvelous Designer. Still little bit intimidated to try my hand with a personal design, I did one more rehearsal from a tutorial. In Pluralsight, they have this wonderful series about creating more complex patterns where they use this victorian inspired dress as a case study.  Especially the corset section was very thorough. Here is my final result. Maybe the dress could use a little bit more puff,as the lack of it originated from the bustle cage being slightly narrow, otherwise I’m fairly happy with this. I’m  also quite happy about how I’m progressing learning this software. The UI is quite slick and the tool set is smart. There is really only one flaw I have discovered so far: “Take this waltz” from Leonard Cohen won’t stop playing in my head when doing more formal wear like this. But I probably can’t blame Clo software about that one. 😉

victorian_front_HD victorian_back_HD