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Doggone it! Hot Doggety, the single player campaing sneak peak

Here at my house, we Hot Doggety core dev. people have a saying. Translated it goes something like: “Insert dog, receive problem.” This has hit the coder harder than me, although I have definitely had a share of it.  Mr. dachshund is somewhat unique creature, whose game behavior and animations needs some careful thinking. But after putting our heads together for quite a while, I feel it’s finally time to say it aloud: Hot Doggety is getting a single player campaign! It’s still very much under works, but I feel like we have made enough process to safely say, that this is happening.

The game will have worlds with different themes, each including their own minimap. Our first world is going have a circus theme. The idea of the campaign is, that dog agility meets twister. Your mission will be to make the dog long enough, that he is doing all the agility obstacles at once. We will have different types of obstacles, like hoops, sticks, tunnels and ramps.

The assets for the first world are done, and we are now experimenting on the game logic. Below is a screenshot of the first ever playable demo. Much needs to be done, but the joy of seeing this slowly coming to life, is giving us an amazing amount of energy. By a great coincidence, it also happens to be that 2018 is the year of the dog in the chinese calendar. We take this as a good omen and press twice as hard to deliver this to our players!

Hot Doggety SP demo 1