Bukkit Rokkit 🥈

The game

Bukkit Rokkit: A thrilling journey in space, is a whimsical space shooter with bullet hell elements. The goal is to try to get as far as possible and the counter for travelled distance acts as the score. The player can upgrade the ship with various wacky weapons like the puffer fish cannon (which may or may not be a Doom joke), the white fish homing missile battery (this a small easter egg for our finnish speakers) or the laser (which looks suspiciously lot like a rewired 80’s satellite dish!)

The game was competing at the Assembly Summer 2023 gamedev compo. Bukkit Rokkit was praised for it’s fluid gameplay and fun visuals. It was well received by the audience and out of 12 entries it placed 2nd in the compo.

You can download the game here.

Team members and their roles:

• Graphics, animation & particles: Jenny Tirkkonen

• Programming: Jaakko Lindvall

• Music: Olli Äkräs

• Trailer narrator voice: Ville Mutka


• Platform: PC, Windows

• Game engine: Unity; HDRP pipeline, DOTS

• Graphical tools: Blender, Substance painter

• Other tools: Da Vinci Resolve, Audacity