Recent projects

New project: The shopping mall environment scene

After telling myself enough times that concept art is nothing to be afraid of, I finally tried my own hand at it. Having made these small isolated clothing mannequins all week long, I suddenly felt the urge to go big with it. To not take the easy and fast one session exercises, but to see how far I can push it with my current skill set with no time limit.

Moving onto a complex concept scene like this was a major victory from all the old demons in my head, telling me not to grab that pen because I probably can’t handle it. I’m figuring this is a fairly common and simple scenery here, but I’m honestly really happy with it. I’ve decided to work it further; put on some color and lighting, finally topping it off by making it a full 3D pbr model using substance painter and substance designer. It’ll be cool to see how it evolves from an a lineart to a realtime piece. I’ll be posting an update from every stage!