About me

Experienced game developer with well balanced 3D modelling skillset ranging across multiple disciplines from character to environment art and from lowpoly to printing. I’m a versatile, self-imposed problem solver who gets easily excited about new technologies and is always experimenting how they could enrich my input as an artist.

In my free time I love travelling and learning new languages. I also have a secret passion for sewing clothes, but you can keep a secret, right?

Published titles:

• Awesome Animal Candy Factory, 2022 Assembly Summer Game Dev. Compo 1st place
• Hotel Hideaway, 2018, Sulake
• Transit King, 2017, Bon Games
• Retro Shot, 2015, Superplus Games
• Hot Doggety!, 2015, Assembly Summer Game dev. compo: 2nd. place
• Vescape Cycle Racing, 2011, Vescape GmbH

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