About me

Experienced 3D Game Artist with well balanced modelling skillset ranging across multiple disciplines from character to environment art and from lowpoly to printing. I’m a versatile, self-imposed problem solver who gets easily excited about new technologies and is always experimenting how they could enrich my input as an artist. Many of my personal game projects have won awards and been critically acclaimed. My commercial roots are in mobile games, but lately I have expanded my technical knowhow into PC industry techniques such as SpeedTree, Marvelous Designer and Unreal Engine.

In my free time I love travelling and learning new languages. I also have a secret passion for sewing clothes, but you can keep a secret, right?

Published titles: 

• Bukkit Rokkit: A thrilling journey in space, 2023 Assembly Summer Game Dev. Compo 2nd place
• Apex Kings NFT Racing,2023 (announced)
• Awesome Animal Candy Factory, 2022 Assembly Summer Game Dev. Compo 1st place
• Hotel Hideaway, 2018, Sulake
• Transit King, 2017, Bon Games
• Retro Shot, 2015, Superplus Games
• Hot Doggety!, 2015, Assembly Summer Game dev. compo: 2nd. place
• Vescape Cycle Racing, 2011, Vescape GmbH

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