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Assembly Gamedev compo 2023: 2nd place

I participated to the Assembly Summer 2023 Gamedev compo with Jaakko Lindvall. The name of our game was Bukkit Rokkit: A thrilling journey in space. Graphics were made by me and all the programming by Jaakko Lindvall. It was a tough race with many formidable entries, and I am very happy to tell that our game has scored in the 2nd place. 

You can download the game here and watch the trailer here.

Warm thanks to everyone who played our game! There might be a Steam release later, stay tuned!

Assembly gamedev compo 2023: Check out our entry!

Bukkit Rokkit: A thrilling journey in space

The annual Assembly summer computer festival is just around the corner. I am participating to the game dev. compo with Jaakko Lindvall. Name of our game is Bukkit Rokkit: A thrilling journey in space. It’s a space shooter with bullet hell elements and some funny off the wall enemies. Ever seen a ferret with a 60s spacegun and a jetpack? Now´s your chance!

The entries have now been published and are available to play. You can check them out here.

We hope you enjoy our game. If you are attending the event and the little rocket is making you laugh as much as it did us, don’t forget to vote!

Have an amazing Assembly everyone!

Smaller assets from the Baba Jaga scene: the geranium

I recently participated in an art challenge from RedHill games. You can check out the final render in my portfolio. There was a lot going on the scene and the camera was quite far, so I thought it would be cool to do some close-ups for some of the items. Here you can see the geranium that was by the stairs. These plants have such an interesting structure. It was bit of a challenge to reproduce in Speedtree but I think this got quite close.

Old shopping mall: Foliage progress

I’ve been learning Speedtree recently. After a bunch of tutorials, I tried my hand at a personal design. Honestly, I’m pretty happy about the result. Speedtree’s approach and way of thinking is quite novel, and I was mentally prepared that getting this right might take a while.

So this fella here will be part of my Old shopping mall scene in Unreal, replacing the placeholder trees. I’m going to do some optimised LOD:s of him and then move on to smaller vegetation like the potted flower arrangements.


My secret 2D life: designing a custom coffee

Very few things boost creativity better than a fresh cup of high quality coffee. As I have background in graphics and I am a board member in Gamemakers of Finland (Peliala Ry), the union approached me and asked If could design a custom coffee carton for them. The packages would then be distributed as gifts for our members.

The design is now out and I daresay it turned out pretty cool. If you want to grab yourself some quality coffee, be sure to swing by in one of our future events!

Image provided by Game Makers of Finland

Image provided by Game Makers of Finland



Assembly Summer 2022 Gamedev Compo: 1st place

I made a small game with Jaakko Lindvall during the summer and we submitted it to the Assembly Summer Gamedev Compo. The name of our entry in finnish was Erinomaiset Eläinnamit Ky and in english Awesome Animal Candy Factory. I am happy and proud to share with you, that our game has officially scored 1st in the compo. Warm thanks to everyone who enjoyed our game!

You can try out the game here (we recommend updating the game through the menu for more polished experience!) and check out the trailer here.

Programming by: Jaakko Lindvall

Graphics by: Jenny Tirkkonen

Old shopping mall: update

Made some progress with the old shopping mall. Quick render with Eevee. Trees and flowers are placeholders because they will be made next with Speedtree. Rest of the model is more or less done.  I’ll move onto texturing next.

Concept art for a new project: the old shopping mall

I’ve been thinking for a while that it would be cool to do a medium sized environment model based on my own concept. I sketched something a while back, but then life happened (no way, right?) Had finally the opportunity to move with that project. The sketch is now more or less colored up. I’m still fairly inexperienced with 2D concepting, but I do enjoy doing it. I hope I’m not burning anyones eyes too bad with these! Time to move on to modelling (read: the comfort zone :D). Let’s see if this will brought up all the way to Unreal or just be a showcase piece in Marmoset Toolbag.

Completed project: stylized knight

Had finally time to complete another older project. I’ve always had bit of a hard time sculpting hardsurface stuff in Zbrush, so I figured it might bring some new perspectives to go through a good tutorial. I was following Nikolay Naydenov’s tutorial from Flipped Normals. In the videos he sounded bit sad, saying that lot of people won’t complete the project. So if you ever read this, Nikolay, thank you for the wonderful series and check out my completed character below. 🙂

Marvelous Designer: Random fun with a boxers pattern

I made my spouse some boxers for christmas and because of that had a boxers pattern (disclaimer: original pattern by Jujuna) lying around. I was curious if it would work as a 3D item as well ( Spoiler alert: it did! 🙂 ) Tried some random patterns on for fun.

Click for larger image

Click for larger image